Anxiety Relief - Change Your Brain to take care of Anxiety

The plasticity of your respective brain can either create new thoughts and new neural pathways, or it can create a deep groove or rut from habits which might be difficult to change. As soon as your mental abilities are forming being a fetus plus in early childhood, pathways and neural connections are laid down inside you. These neural pathways incorporated that which you were experiencing then. One example is, when your mother was anxious if you were very young, that anxiety would become portion of your neural programming. If you had an abusive and angry father if you were a youngster that too would become an important part of your neural programming.

Because you get older, each time this neural pattern is stimulated it gets stronger. After some time a big bundle of neurons group together. A seemingly unrelated event can then stimulate this large bundle of neurons along with the old pattern gets further embedded. Usually all these connections are unconscious, and you simply don't realize the actual cause of feelings of fear, panic, anxiety, anger, depression or sadness. Neurological impulses which were formulated very ahead of time trigger these emotions.


Fidget Cubes, increasingly more neurons are included with this bundle of nerves, so that occasionally something totally unrelated will fire the entire bundle. Fear can be a prime example. Fear can be a mechanism in the brain to have you safe. Once fear gets activated, it does take overall other parts of your brain, including rational thought; that is certainly how your body is made.

The media continually adds to this fear response with news of death, tragedy, pain and suffering. After a while, the bundles of neurons continue to enlarge and the fear response gets stronger. What was originally designed for your safety, is added on to to ensure could it be a tremendous conglomeration of neurons. The fear response gets blow from proportion. When this occurs, logical thinking is abandoned, ever since the hard-wiring of the body always responds to fear first over reason.

Neurons are inclined to being entrenched by force of habit. These neural circuits, once established become self-sustaining. The habit or pattern becomes more hard to break. You might be doing well cutting your anxiety, but when dealing with a stressful situation, your entire body will revert for the old ways. This is your neural circuitry in the office.
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