Unlike with Pagano and madden mobile coins

"If you’re not communicating on a daily basis — and madden mobile coins you can never over-communicate — the rest of the building feels it," Ballard told co-host Gil Brandt and me on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "When there’s tension, everybody feels it."In this league, winning is too hard to do. For people not to communicate is just crazy in my mind. And it affects the entire building.

"Unlike with Pagano and Grigson, Colts owner Jim Irsay did not feel compelled to hire a psychologist to try and get his head coach and general manager to play nice. After Ballard was hired away from Kansas City’s front office in January, he and Pagano began clicking immediately, which has led to similar bonding between.

Ballard and Pagano’s staff."Walking in the building, I didn’t know any of the coaches," Ballard said. "But they were there with open arms willing to teach me what they wanted on offense and defense and helping me understand what the specs of the positions were.

"One example of how that connection has paid dividends is the first-round selection of safety Malik Hooker. Ballard said special teams coach Tom McMahon pointed to standout plays Hooker made on Ohio State’s unit during his first two seasons before he became a star in the Buckeyes' secondary.

The assessment further cemented Ballard's pre-draft decision that the Colts "were going to take him" if Hooker remained undrafted when they picked at No. 15."With any player, you’re looking at what his unique skill set is to the league," Ballard said. "What problem is he going to cause for the other team? I thought

Hooker) was the best athlete in the draft. That along with Cheap Madden 18 Coins tremendous ball skills, great hands, instincts … He’s got range and speed back in deep coverage. And only being a one-year (starter), we think the arrow is still going up on Malik."The "arrow" concept is further reflected in how Ballard approached free agency.In 2015, Grigson added a slew of older players like running back.
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