Always Defeated By Lag Issues in MapleStory

Yes, it is Maplestory Mesos time, now I wish to discuss my Lag Issues in MapleStory with all of you. Every time I play with MapleStory, lag are my biggest enemy, constantly bring death to me, overall, there are 3 big bugs/glitches which are game breaking on my end.

My display will freeze for 5-10 minutes and everything that happened during that time will happen all at one time. Keyboard freezing up and repeating the previous button pressed until I disconnect it and re-plug back it in. Several of my main abilities as Blaze Wizard can glitch to a state of being unable to hit critters. I have a video recording of the happening since I was fed up with the lack of answers (and paradoxically, though I've properly formatted this magnificent glitch, there's still no reply).

That is excluding the amount of times it may or may not take to just log into the game and stay connected without crashing or experiencing a run-time error. Is it going to crash? Am I likely to have the ability to hit monsters? Or do I have to do a complete reboot and waste another hour trying to get into the game? How often will I unplug and re-plug my computer keyboard in this session? 2 times? 15 times? How about 30? Not worth it. Not whatsoever.

Post-level 200 I wasted hours of grinding just to die because of the lag spikes, because of the keyboard freezing, because my skills don't even work as intended. Why boss when you can just die instead? Without my buddies funding me, I'd have not been able to level, literally. The monsters in Nameless Land are much stronger and each map includes one lantern erda that puts a no-pot-use debuff on you. I even have a pet with Vehicle HP/MP and for some dumb reason, Auto HP/MP is client-side. Meaning if I lag for 5-10 minutes and require too much harm, I will die, regardless of the fact that I invested cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos to avoid this from occurring, though it should not be occurring. I am paying for things to reduce character deaths which shouldn't even happen in the first place.

Can I ever get compensation for those billions of exp reduction as a result of underlying game instability that's been lingering for more than a good year? Nope. If Nexon will continue "working" with this game (do not even get me started on Vindictus) while consistantly having interference issues that hamper participant experience and time, then they should be more more-than-willing to compensate.

Can I get a response to the problems, bugs & glitches that I presented that are causing me technical issues? No. That has been what, a month ago? The only answer I got was one filled with martyrdom and ego. In fact, the discussion moderator that responded to me thought I was someone else (classic service team) and stated, "stop calling people names"... despite the fact he confused another user with me. No other response came then.

Did I get a response in regards to the unnecessary confusion behind adapting UTC expiry dates/time? Yes, I was told by that same moderator to "not necro old threads and what is working as planned"... in spite of the fact that it's a stickied thread and it's common forum coverage to not create repeat-threads.

To summarize, Nexon is still a terrible firm, wanting toi earn money from we gamers, but don't like to fix the problems in MapleStory.
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