MLB The Show 18 remains among the best looking sports games

Seasoned fans of Sony's rather excellent, but often overlooked, baseball match MLB18 Stubs returns today with the latest yearly release. Most fans of the game will probably be prepared and waiting patiently for the game to hit the PS Store or shop shelves, and they may also be partically curious to know which players are the best in this years latest iteration of the collection.

Luckily, Sony has done players a strong and released a number of graphics to illustrate the top 10 players of every position and their corresponding general score in MLB The Show 18. This includes everything in the Best 10 starting pitchers, top 10 starting baseman and even the best 10 catchers in the game.If you're completely new to the Display then keep reading past the gallery for a complete run down of all new that features in the match this season.

It's baseball, so we should not need to explain how it works, but a quick look at the thickness of features in this game this year may convince you to drop FIFA 18 to get a few minutes to test this hidden gem only about the PS4.

Well, baseball is round the corner and that means Sony San Diego is falling the latest name in the MLB The Show Series. Together with Yankee slugger Aaron Judge about the cover, the game has its own focus set on the young talent in the league, giving the spotlight to gamers such as Cody Bellinger and Trea Turner. It's a fitting backdrop to the claims that this year's title is centered on having fun, with the accession of fresh bat moves, more player and team specific expressions and also an emphasis on the fans of this sport. The Display 18 does deliver on the some of the promises which were created but the sport also fails to correct some the problems that have plagued the otherwise excellent series for ages.

Graphically, MLB The Show 18 remains among the best looking sports games on the market, no doubt as a result of the simple fact that it's only optimized and made for the PlayStation 4. Stadiums are true to life, lighting is excellent at all times of the day and a number of developments have been made to the quality of player versions. I love all of the subtle but powerful improvements made during the name. Players can now wear face masks, so the Yankees give the thumbs down on big hits and also the Mets fanatics are far out from the bleachers yelling this up.

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